Have you ever heard a saying that one can’t fully bounce back until they’ve hit their deepest, darkest point?

I have … and I have.

Not long ago, life was good. Really good. I had a thriving yoga studio in Orlando. My own products line. I mentored students across the country. I traveled the world teaching and experiencing amazing things.

I’d never felt so full. My cup overflowed. After nearly two decades of teaching yoga and health and wellness, it was all there. I believed I’d found olotita (meaning “wholeness”).

It all changed … so fast. A botched shoulder surgery that left me partially disabled. Deaths of people close to me, too many at once. COVID-19. The shuttering of my studio.

I descended. Down, down, down. The inky depths of depression engulfed me. Too much, too fast, and too much to bear. Sadness, loneliness and fear. I could have stayed there.

Thank goodness others wouldn’t allow it. My son, mature beyond his years and a never-ending source of light. Too many friends to count, who picked me up, and supported me, even starting a GoFundMe campaign to aid with my endless medical bills.

From great pain, comes broader understanding. I thought I had achieved olotita. I was wrong.

As healing and recovery progressed, my new mission crystallized. I would guide people on their journey toward wholeness. I would help them learn about, and integrate, new skills into their lives, ones to replenish their energies and purpose. These tools are ones of self-care - a holistic and sustainable investment in our bodies, minds and souls.

The nuts and bolts? Practices such as nutrition, meditation, yoga (of course), bodywork, breath work, life coaching … all that tie the mind and body together.

Accountability and empowerment are critical elements. You need to be in 100 percent control. Your body’s health and energy will work the wonders.

My approach has changed. Due to physical limitations, any in-person teaching will be very, very limited. I’ll guide others on their journeys of olotita largely through virtual channels. This is our new world, right?

I do plan to resume international retreats with clients, hopefully in 2022. My YouTube channel is free and open as (hopefully) an inspiration to anyone needing it.

There’s so much more to say. But, in short, I’m back. If you waited for me … thank you. If we’re new to this journey together … thank you.

I’ve seen the bottom. I refused to let it take me. There was too much left to offer, to help others discover wholeness, and find how full, and bounteous, and joyful life can be.

I celebrate Nysa’s (new beginnings) and Olotita (wholeness) and I celebrate you!


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